Get the financing you need from a brand name, Join thousands of business nationwide who received a Yalber investment.


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  • Approval within 24 hours!  
  • No equity, no collateral, no personal guarantee.
  • Bad credit? No problem.


Why Choose a Yalber Investment?

Quick Funding

Quick access to funds

We approve applications within 24 hours. Once approved, we can transfer the funds to your account by the next business day. Once your account is on-going, you can apply for a renewal or an additional account and if qualified, receive funds within the same-day

No Personal Guarantee

No Personal Guarantee

Our financing is absolutely without personal guarantee or collatoral! Our guarantee is your cash-flow. We take a percentage of your revenue until our investment is paid off in full. The rate of return flaxuates with your business revenue

Minimal Paperworks

Minimal documentation

One page application is all it takes to get things going. We will need a few months of your business checking statements. The rest are trevial documents to produce - like Tax Id and things of this nature. That's all

Over $500M Invested in over 12,000 businesses

The time may come when your business will be in need of funds; whether it is to take advantage of an opportunity, purchase necessary equipment, keep the doors of your business open, or simply for extra working capital. Where do you find it?

The obvious answer is at your bank, where you can apply for a business loan. Be prepared to provide loads of paperwork and wait on long lines in order to apply. Do you have perfect credit? Can you wait three months for a decision? We don’t think so.